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What is a Solid Wood Dining Chair? How to Maintain It?

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In life, in some open-air restaurants, we can often see that businesses will choose solid wood dining chairs as the furniture in the restaurant. So, do you know how to maintain solid wood dining chairs?

1. What is a solid wood dining chair?

All the materials of the tables and chairs are solid wood, including the table top, side panels, etc., which are all made of pure solid wood, and do not use any other form of wood-based panels. Pure solid wood dining chairs have high requirements on craftsmanship and materials. The requirements for material selection, drying, finger jointing and seaming of solid wood are very strict. If any process is not strictly controlled, it may crack and the joints may loosen, etc., and in some serious cases, the whole set of furniture will be deformed, making them unusable.

The other is the imitation solid wood dining chair. The so-called imitation solid wood dining chair means that it is a solid wood dining chair in appearance: the natural texture, feel and color of the wood are exactly the same as those of solid wood dining chair, but in fact it is a chair mixed with solid wood and wood-based panels. The top of side plate bottom and shelf adopt particleboard or MDF fibreboard with veneer facing and doors and drawers are in solid wood. This craftsmanship saves wood and reduces costs. The price of a set of imitation solid wood bedroom furniture should be around several thousand yuan, and the price of all solid wood furniture should be at least 10,000 yuan. Consumers cannot identify through the price, and they must master the identification method of solid wood. And if you want to buy solid wood dining room chairs at an affordable price, then Fuleague home furniture online store would be your good choice.

2. How to maintain the decoration of solid wood dining chairs?

Leisure solid wood leather dining chairs are required to maintain a certain temperature and relative humidity during use. For the newly bought solid wood dining chair, it is recommended that you maintain a certain degree of ventilation in the room. In addition, the indoor leisure solid wood dining chair should avoid direct sunlight, so as to avoid the discoloration of the surface of solid wood dining chair or the cracking and deformation of the furniture. If an air conditioner is used indoors, the indoor relative humidity should be kept at about 60%.

If possible, some flowers and plants or ornamental fish can be raised indoors to properly increase the indoor humidity. During the use of the leisure solid wood dining chair, regular maintenance of the surface paint film coating of the leisure solid wood dining chair should be considered. It can protect the surface of the furniture. We should regularly polish and clean the surface paint film of the solid wood dining chair. First, use a damp soft towel to wipe off the dust and dirt on the surface of the solid wood dining chair. After the surface of the furniture is slightly dry, gently wipe the surface of the furniture with furniture wax or liquid wax for polishing.

For consumers, eating and sitting on a solid wood dining chair is very tasteful and atmospheric. Therefore, we hope that after purchasing solid wood dining chairs, you can pay attention to maintenance.

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