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Daily Maintenance of Office Chairs

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eames office chair

The quality of the office chair is actually very important. On the one hand, if the office chair is good, the person in the office will not feel tired when sitting on it, and they will be more and more energetic. On the other hand, the quality of the office chair will also mean a lot to the office, especially when some outsiders come to talk about work. But if the maintenance is not good, even a very good office chair will become dilapidated for some reasons, so how should we maintain the office chair?

Ⅰ. Understand the office chair

Office chairs refer to various chairs that are equipped for the convenience of work in daily work and social activities. Office chairs are divided into narrow sense and broad sense. The narrow sense office chair refers to the back chair that people sit on when they are working on the desktop in the sitting position. The broad office chair is all office chairs, including executive chairs, middle office chairs, meeting chairs, guest chairs, red eames office chair, staff chairs, conference chairs, visitor chairs, training chairs, etc.

Ⅱ. How to maintain the office chair daily?

1. When carrying the office chair, it should be lightly lifted, and special attention should be paid to avoid collision.

2. After sitting for a long time, you should pat the parts and edges that have been sitting for a long time to restore them to their original state and reduce the depression caused by the concentration of sitting force.

3. The leather office chair should be placed away from heat sinks and should avoid direct sunlight. It is strictly forbidden to expose it to strong light.

4. Do not rub vigorously when cleaning the office chair, so as not to damage the epidermis. For leather sofas and office chairs that have been used for a long time or accidentally stained, you can use a cloth dipped in soapy water (or washing powder with a moisture content of 40% to 50%) of an appropriate concentration to scrub. Afterwards, wipe with clean water, and then dry with a clean cloth. Do not use strong detergents (such as detergent powder, chemical solvent turpentine, gasoline or other inappropriate liquids).

5. When using the office chair, try to make the center of gravity in the middle of the air pressure rod to ensure that the air pressure rod can be lifted and rotated lightly and flexibly. Office chairs that have been used for a long time should always check whether the screws on the mechanism are loose, and if they are loose, they should be tightened in time. Whether the spring and knob are loose, the spring should adjust the elastic force according to the user's own weight, so that the back of the chair can return freely, and it is the most comfortable to lean on.

6. It is strictly forbidden to sit on the armrests of sofas and office chairs or place heavy objects.

7. Do not leave the office chair in the sun for too long, which will cause some plastic parts to age and cause brittleness.

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