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  • What Are the Characteristics of the Eames Chair?



    Chairs are products that many people use in their daily lives. It can be said that besides the bed, the chair is the furniture we have been in contact with for the longest time. When we go to work, we sit on a chair to work, and when we go home, we also sit on a chair to deal with things. What are the characteristics of the Eames chair?

  • Why is the Eames Chair Sought After and Loved?



    Speaking of lounge chairs, I have to mention the Eames chair, which is hailed as a classic. The Eames chair is a kind of leisure chair born in the United States, and the designer is the Eames couple. Since the first Eames chair came out in the 1950s, it has gradually been loved by the world and finally swept the world. In 2003, the Eames chair was included in the Forest of Best Product Design in the World. At ICFF in 2006, the Eames chair attracted everyone's attention and radiated brilliant light. So what is the unique charm of the Eames chair, which make it so popular and loved by the public?

  • What Are the Advantages of the Eames Chair? How to Buy It?



    Many young people now like personality, including their furniture. Have you heard about the Eames chair? Chairs are products that many people use in their daily lives. It can be said that besides beds, chairs are the furniture we have been in contact with for the longest time. The Eames chair is sought after by many young people because of its unique personality. What are the advantages of the Eames chair? How to choose the Eames chair?

  • What Are the Precautions for the Purchase and Installation of the Night Table Lamp for Bedroom?



    There can be no chandelier in the bedroom lighting, but there must be a suitable bedside lamp. why? Because a suitable bedside lamp can act as a bedroom chandelier. Especially for people who have the habit of reading before going to bed, it is even more important. There are two types of bedside lamps: fixed and movable. They can meet the needs of lying on the side of the bed to read and read newspapers. It can be said to be a "night pearl" in a modern family bedroom.

  • How to Distinguish the Quality of the Eames Lounge Chair?How to Distinguish the Quality of the Eames Lounge Chair?



    Chairs are common in modern life, especially in some large office areas. Many people now choose the Eames lounge chair, so how comfortable is the Eames lounge chair? How to distinguish the quality of the Eames lounge chair?

  • Are Night Lamps Harmful to Children?



    With the progress of society, most people do not go to bed early at night, and nightlife becomes more colorful. Many families choose small night lamps for auxiliary lighting. Whenever it's night, have you ever encountered such a dilemma: After turning off the main light in the bedroom, a darkness is left in front of your eyes, and at this time, if you turn on the indoor lamp, the bright light is too dazzling. All these troubles can be easily solved with only a night lamp.

  • Unexpected Benefits of Eames Lounge Chair



    Are you sitting? People now sit for more time than ever before. Due to sedentary work, it is normal for someone to sit for half of the day. After all, the typical office worker sits for at least 15 hours every working day! Since you sit for most of your life, you should consider investing in the best office chair. Many people like to use the Eames lounge chair in the office, because using the Eames lounge chair can bring some benefits to users. From function to style, these Eames lounge chairs seem to have everything.

  • How to Use Night Table Lamps Reasonably? What Are the Precautions when Buying?



    The light of the night table lamp is soft, and it can play a guiding role in the darkness. Parents in many families now like to use night lamps for their babies. However, there are still many aspects that need to be paid attention to when using night desk lamps. How to use night desk lamps reasonably? What knowledge do you need to know when buying a night table lamp?

  • Ingenious Design of the Eames Lounge Chair



    Some chairs are used for temporary sitting, so people care more about their appearance than their comfort. Other chairs, such as restaurant chairs, are usually more functional than stylish. Then there are lounge chairs, which are all made to be as comfortable as possible. However, no matter what type of chair you are looking at, the chair has three main design aspects: purpose, shape and style. The chair that exceeds the requirements in three respects is undoubtedly the Eames lounge chair.

  • What Are the Principles of Placing Table Lights for the Living Room?



    Now everyone likes to use the lighting in the home, the demand for desk lamps is not so strong. The more common is the night light in the bedroom or the desk lamp on the desk. Few people will place the desk lamp in the living room. But the role of the living room table lamp is not only to illuminate, but also to have a great effect as a decorative object. For the living room, the decoration of the living room table lamp should be greater than the practicality of the function. So no matter which space in the home, you can use a table lamp to create a warm atmosphere at home. So how should the table lamps in the living room be placed? What are the methods?