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High Quality Designer Furniture 

                     Wholesale Market for Your Project

 More than 15 years of Production Experience,Exported to More than 20 Countries 

1. Choose the item you need and add to the cart.

2.Confirm the items in your cart, and click the check out button to preare payment.

3.Please confirm the delivery kinds. Container shipping or LCL shipping. Add the correct receipt address informations, this is very important.Choose your payment method and give additional message.Everything is OK, then click the button "Confirm payment" to finish the payment.

4.After finish the payment, Fuleague Sales will check the order and arrange the shipping for you.
5.Customer can check the process in the member center.

6.Fuleague sales would confirm the shipping information with the customer before the shipping the confirm everything is OK.

7.Customer receive the products and feedback us.